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Policy and Plan

Local Content

Local Content Policy

It is the policy of MannProject International Ltd to continuously grow Nigerian Content in the Oil & Gas Industry in a competitive and efficient manner in support of Government aspirations and the benefit of the local economy.

MannProject shall as a matter of utmost priority, utilize local resources where available, and initiate actions that will grow percentage of Nigerian content in materials, equipment and services where they are lacking.

We believe that the use of Local Resources will improve our efficiency & competitiveness and create enabling environment for good business performance.


We are solely indigenous – Team of Nigeria Workforce
Oversee Training at OEM (Wepuko) Germany Factory
Procurement Design Domicile in Km 8 NPA Express Road Effurun – Warri Delta State Nigeria
Plans & Objective

MannProject NCD Objective (as a Nigerian indigenous company) is to continuously develop local potentials in delivery of manpower resources, goods and services and utilize these resources for improvement of our corporate performance and economical well being of Nigeria.

MannProject Interventions to Meet Targets Of 45% by 2006 And 70% by 2010 Set By Government.

MannProject has developed and upgrade equipment in her local fabrication yard situated at her KM-8 NPA Express Road, Factory in Warri main fabrication yard to a level obtainable anywhere in the world.

Technology development and transfer is a key interest to MannProject . In order to achieve our mission which is aid toward transfer of technology from European and North America Companies MannProject has developed a strong affiliate with her foreign partners and Manufacturers (OEMs) in order to get them involve in doing more business in Nigeria with commercial investment.

Engineering design is the bed rock of technology. As a major player in this field MannProject has developed and Upgrade her Engineering Design Office at Block '0' Oghenevo Estate to a level acceptable to both international and Local Oil Companies in order to provide quality and reliable engineering design in-country.

Staff development is a key factor for the success of MannProject over the year. It has been our habit to send engineering personnel on regular training at OEMs manufacturing workshop. MannProject is determined to do more in this area by bringing the expatriate OEM personnel to train her staff in-country at MannProject training facility located at her" Block 'O' Oghenevo Estate Office. Staffs are sent for Intermittent/short course and seminar by professional bodies and organization.

MannProject is presently working out arrangement with LEWA to increase her local content on pump skid fabrication, spare fabrication, maintenance and services of pumps, from 45% to 65% in country by the year 2010.

The procurement department has been fully upgraded and equipped with talented young Nigerians in order to manage procurement from her procurement centre at her plot 74 refinery road Warri main office/fabrication yard.