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MannProject started as a procurement outfit and over the years have developed to be one of the most reputable procurement Management Company in Nigeria. MannProject is affiliated to Mannchyke Deutschland GmbH Germany and has a procurement centre domicile in her new HeadQuarter Office in Lagos, Nigeria.

MannProject provide procurement services for turnkey project for oil & gas industry. We have a team of young talented procurement officers drawn from various disciples in our supply chain department who are specialize in the procurement of project materials from Oversea OEM.

We have been involve in the procurement of major materials for the Refineries, Manufacturers, Breweries, Petrochemical, Gas Plant, Oil & Gas Power plant, Companies etc for over 21 years.

    Area of procurement
  • Pumps
  • Flame safeguards equipment and accessories
  • Compressors
  • Plant machinery
  • Communication equipment and accessories
  • Distillation trays, structured and random packing, and column internals
  • Turbine
  • Flare
  • Burner
  • Others
Mannproject Procurement Mannproject Procurement
UV Flame Detector Procured and Installed for NLNG Bonny Ingasol rand Compressor Procured and Installed for SPDC WEST
Mannproject Procurement
Spare parts for column Internal for the Refineries – WRPC, PHRC, KRPC
Mannproject Procurement
Diaphragm and Other LEWA Pump Spare parts for SNEPco Bonga FPSO
Mannproject Procurement
Welding machines and Accessories for WAGP project