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QHSE Objective

In order to attain a consistently high standard of service, a system of procedures is maintained throughout the company describing the operation of the management system and providing advice to all personnel on the best management practice.

All projects are subject to our ISO 9001:2000 Accredited Quality Assurance procedures. Contract Quality & HSE Plans are prepared for Projects so that both sides of the partnership fully understand the scope of work, service level expectations HSE and quality standards.

We maintain a consistently high standard of service through periodic audits which are designed to identify any potential problems before they occur and thus enable the respective manager to instigate any corrective action necessary before any deviation from agreed performance standards.

MannProject have a well-developed system, which ensures that the required performance levels are defined and communicated at all levels, and which employs regular performance reviews to ensure that the required standards are being met.

In addition, many staff hold professional qualifications and take an active involvement in the work of their professional institutions, particularly the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) and Council for the regulation of engineering in Nigeria (COREN).

The Quality, Health, Safety and care for the Environment in which we work and live is of paramount importance to us at MannProject.

The quality objective of MannProject is to continually improve overall performance so that Customers can be provided with a service that ensures safety, reliability and value in all services rendered by the company.

  • Supply the best quality ever imagined.
  • Quality in the performance of functions
  • Maintaining a Safe, Healthy and Injury Free workplace
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Be a sound partner to the quality objective of our client and partners
  • ISO 9001 management system is applied to our complete range of product and services.
ISO Accreditation

Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) has carried out the certification and presently monitoring its adherence.

Effective QHSE performance is a critical success factor for our business. The responsibility for Quality, Safety, Health & Environment issues resides directly with all employees of the company from the Managing Director to each individual.

Direct responsibility for the implementation and management of the QHSE policy resides with Managing director and the QHASEE manager.

Mannproject QHSE

We are a safe people