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Combustion Control


MannProject in partnership with Zeeco offers a wide range of burners, incinerators, flares, and optional equipment including igniters etc. We refurbish existing flare, burner and incinerator as well as build new ones.

We install and provide support services for the following:
  • Flares
  • Utility flare - UF Series
  • Steam Assist / Gas Assist / Smokless - QFS Series, HCS Series
  • Air Assist / Smokeless - UFA Series
  • HP/LP Staged - MP Multi-Point Elevated Series
  • Ground - MP Multi-Point Ground Series
  • Enclosed - MP Multi-Point Enclosed Series
  • Sonic - Medusa Series
  • Next Generation Series - Round Flame, Flat Flame
  • Ultra Low Series - Round Flame, Flat Flame
  • Conventional Series, Raw Gas, Premix, Radiant Wall Combination Oil & Gas, Low Nox Combination Oil & Gas

Flame Monitoring System

Mannproject Flame Monitoring System

An absolute commitment to quality products and solutions for flame safety Accurate, reliable flame monitoring is critical for burner safety and MannProject has been delivering the industry's best and most dependable flame safeguard controls for more than 21 years.

We are much more than representative/sole agent to one of the world's largest manufacturer of burner safety equipment and combustion hardware Fireye Inc. USA. We render technical services also for burner safety system. Our technical service sets us apart from our competitor. Our worldwide network of highly skilled, Personnel offer customers a level of expertise and technical troubleshooting that can keep their systems operating at peak performance

Mannproject Flame Monitoring System
  • UV Scanners
  • IR scanners
  • Dual Scanner
  • Igniters
  • Flame rod
  • etc