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Pump + System Packages


We offer compact, ready to use Pump packages that are a real solution to your specific application, whatever it is, wherever you are.

Our packages which incorporate LEWA & Wepuko Pumps are the preferred choice of many users for critical operations such as high operating pressure or hard to handle fluid characteristics like low viscosity, high vapor pressure, low lubricity, flammability, toxic, abrasive solid or difficult ambient conditions.

We build packages that meets the most stringent requirements, and international, national and local standards.

Mannproject Pump + System Packages
Odourizer package with LEWA ecodox metering pump

Our engineers and technicians are trained by LEWA and Wepuko on Pump Design Software and Building of Packages.

Mannproject Pump + System Packages
Chemical injection Package with LEWA triplex Pump

We build Packages for the following application areas:

  • Conditioning of drilling mud
  • Flow enhancers for crude oil
  • Condensate re-injection
  • Water conditioning
  • Injection of methanol, glycol, corrosion inhibits, scale inhibitors and oxygen scavengers
  • Addition of demulsifiers and antifoam
  • Metering of additives for intermediate underground storage
  • Addition for conditioners for the finished product
  • Gas odoring
  • CO2 Reinjection/Extraction

Mannproject Pump + System Packages
Water injection Package with Wepuko Plunger Pump