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EPIC Contracting


MannProject has a strong reputation as a complete EPIC company. This is due to her vast experience in engineering, leading OEMs training and support, long and reputable history of procurement and over 18 years experience of being a major player in the oil & gas industry.

MannProject provide engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning services for turnkey project in the oil & gas sector. MannProject EPIC capability covers all types of process, oil & gas production plant, manufacturing plant etc. We provide engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning service for our technical partners´ products as well as other OEMs products ranging from sourcing of parts of plant and entire plant to construction and commissioning activities.

    Our Services includes:
  • Sourcing Materials
  • Sourcing Plant
  • Plant Revamp
  • Utility Service
  • Plant Installation
  • Commissioning

Mannproject Machining
Flame Detector System Installation – NLNG Bonny

Mannproject Machining

Mannproject Machining

Mannproject Machining
Plant Construction